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Recreation Therapy and Counseling

Unique and dynamic combination of traditional talk therapy (CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing, MBCT, etc.) with recreation therapy. An initial two-hour session focused on assessment then a follow up one-hour session will finalize the treatment plan.

The treatment plan will outline planned recreation activities and therapy techniques to be used. After 6 sessions the treatment plan will be reviewed and we will celebrate completion of the service and outcomes achieved or we will re-design a continuation treatment plan. Our outreach services are complemented with phone and skype counselling sessions.

Therapeutic Recreation Activities

Cognitive Activities
Games, Puzzles, Crossword, Sudoku, etc.
Physical Activities
Sports, Work out at gym, Outdoor Adventure
Social Activities
Playing, Coffee, Walking, Laughing, etc.
Spiritual Activities
Yoga, Meditation, Prayer, Relaxation by water, Martial Arts etc.
Creative Expressive Activities
Playing Music, Guitar, Hand Drums, Arts and Crafts, Dance

Recreation Activation

For those individuals that may be suffering from social isolation, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, low mood, boredom, or any other feeling or condition that causes lack of routine or structure. Recreation Activation is on-going 1:1 recreation participation provided in the community exploring a wide array of healthy recreation pursuits. Recreation Activation includes motivation to get up and going, empowerment to step outside of your comfort zone, processing of the experience (front loading, feedback, debriefing) to support the transfer of insights gained while recreating into a broader life context.

Adventure Therapy

Overnight wilderness trips and extended out trips in kayaks, canoes, Stand-up paddle boards, bikes, skies, snowshoes, or on foot. Be RT adventure therapy experiences are intentionally designed to meet individual clients needs and cater to pre-existing strengths. The simplicity and adversity offered in outdoor adventure settings provides the perfect therapeutic environment to motivate, invigorate, and inspire. Post trip follow up counselling is provided in client’s home communities to ensure client lifestyle changes are maintained after they return to the unavoidable triggers and stresses of life. Adventure Therapy experiences vary significantly in terms of duration, intensity, location, and focus depending on client’s needs and abilities. Be RT is committed to inclusive experiences and will accommodate anyone interested in benefiting from adventure in the natural environment regardless of limitations or ailments.


Coming soon! Therapeutic groups will be designed and offered based on client’s strengths and interest. Please enquire about groups offered in your area.


School presentations

Elementary School – Engaging, participatory, inspirational presentations that are specifically designed and delivered based on the developmental needs of Elementary School age youth. Experiential presentations challenge youth to define and live in accordance with their values. We discuss our thoughts, emotional reactivity, and our tendency to act based on our emotions rather than our values. We collaboratively define diversity within the school and consider what inclusion actually looks and feels like. We discuss the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and review strategies for being present, and fully engaged in the moment. Students are encouraged to consider themselves active creators of their lives rather than passive recipients.

High School – Multi-media, experiential, motivational presentations that are specifically designed and delivered based on the developmental needs of high school age youth. Experiential initiatives are used to engage students, and create a safe space to discuss challenging topics such as the stigma surrounding mental health. Mindfulness techniques are introduced as a strategy for coping with stress, and overwhelming emotions. Student leaders from school groups such as GSA (Gay-Strait Alliance) or Me to We (www.metowe.com ) are encouraged to share difficulties and successes. Students gain experiences of empathy, and compassion as well as an increased understanding of mental health, inclusion, and diversity.

Corporate Presentations

Therapeutic Team Building: For corporate groups looking to build cohesion and strengthen their team approach. Be RT uses experiential initiatives to explore styles of communication, the use of power, and self-reflection. Mindfulness and Emotion Focused therapy techniques are used to challenge participants to examine automatic thoughts, assumptions, and subsequent emotional reactions. Alternative communication strategies are practiced and methods for emotion regulation are taught. Building cohesion starts with an openness to examining our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Participants leave with an enhanced understanding and awareness of their emotions, their style of communication, and impact these factors have on clients and colleagues.


$80 /hr + HST
- Recreation therapy + counselling
- Recreation activation

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